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Project Management
Capex Projects is a Project Management consultancy providing Project Management services to the Industrial and Commercial Property Development and Property Ownership industry. Our collective construction experience and management style focuses on the ultimate customer service, ensuring value based solutions that are both efficient and cost effective, this culminates in a professional project delivered to our clients and their customers.


We specialise in Industrial Architecture. This encompasses the design project and construction management of buildings serving the manufacturing, transportation, communications, pharmaceutical, storage and warehousing industries in general. This services is aimed to supplement the needs of commerce and industry.


  • Developing a BIM execution Plan for the project based on the needs of the client and the project team.
  • Developing BIM Protocols to define the standards required to achieve the BIM goals and to manage communication associated with the BIM process.
  • Skills assessments & workshops with the project team to ensure quality of the BIM.
  • Setting up and managing a Common Data Environment (CDE) to ensure a single point of data flow and one source of Truth for all project information.
  • Managing on a technological level, the flow and structure of the digital co-ordination information.
  • Project Co-ordination Oversight.

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